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Vacuum suction units

Van de Pol vehicle technology supplies various suction units for emptying flooded basements, grease pits, crawl spaces, parking garages and septic tanks.



• Tank with a capacity of 1500-2000 liters

• Tank hot-dip galvanized

• Sloped tank for easy cleaning

• Tank lid can be opened completely horizontally

• Tank lid can be locked when open

• Suction connection 3 "or 4", in rear cover

• Discharge connection 3 "or 4" in tank lid

• Connection with brass gate valve

• Links of your choice

• Float ball tee with two float balls

• Vacuum gauge and safety

• Tank lid secured by means of toggles

• Mechanical level indication with scale


Drive unit

• Motor / Pump cover

• Industrial petrol engine B&S Vanguard

• Equipped with oil sensor and fuel tank

• Electric starter with powerful 12 Volt battery

• Maintenance-free V-belt drive

• Vacuum pump with a yield of 3,600 liters

• Pressure relief valve at 0.5 Bar

• Vacuum pump with oil dropper

• Silencer for vacuum pump with oil trap

• Two suction hoses of your choice

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