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The Cobra is a compact, powerful high-pressure trailer designed for the professional cleaning of sewers and surface cleaning. The Cobra is an ideal machine for, among others, the sewer cleaner, plumber / installer and the GWW contractor. Ideal for places where larger machines cannot reach.


The Cobra can be transported by all vehicles with a tow bar. Because it weighs less than 750 kilos, driving without a trailer license is allowed. This trailer has a water tank with a capacity of 400 liters, a powerful petrol engine, a high-quality HD pump, a stainless steel high-pressure reel and a stainless steel filling reel. This combination is easy to use for everyone, also because radio remote control is an option.

All this together makes this HD trailer the best choice.


  • Applications

  • Cleaning sewers

  • Cleaning drains

  • Cleaning pipes

  • Surface cleaning

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