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High pressure hose

High pressure hose

This high pressure hose is very suitable for cleaning sewers. Due to the round connection to the nozzle, the hose does not get stuck anywhere.



  • Lightweight high pressure sewer cleaning hose with 1 braided steel insert.
  • Very flexible, flexible and extremely durable.
  • Bore NW 13 - 1/2 ", working pressure 360 bar, bursting pressure 900 bar.
  • Complete with 1/2 swivel coupling (reel side) and turned compression fitting (nozzle side).
  • External synthetic highly abrasion resistant rubber resistant to all weather conditions, oil and ozone.
  • Hose meets ISO 7751 standard.
  • Available in lengths of 60 meters, 80 meters, 100 meters and 120 meters.

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